Why Choose Inclusion Hub?

EAL Hub was created in 2018 by teachers for teachers and was designed to provide high quality, scaffolding resources for EAL learners, keeping them in the classroom as much as possible. There was a distinct lack of resources available that supported children learning English in a way that was pedagogically sound and also easily accessible. EAL HUB bridged this gap and now provides over 1500 resources that are ready to start making your life easier, whilst supporting EAL learners as much as they need.

In 2020 SEN HUB was also launched to offer resources for busy class teachers and SENCOs and for the first time the sites have amalgamated to create a mega one-stop INCLUSION HUB. So many of the resources we created for EAL learners also supported children with additional needs, or low levels of literacy, and so it seemed sensible to include a wider range in one place.

Whilst it is vitally important to understand that EAL is not a special educational need, it does require a range of strategies that classroom teachers need to put in place to ensure they are well supported in their learning journey.

We aim to offer teachers and middle leaders easy to access, time saving, high quality inclusive resources that genuinely support the needs of learners in their classrooms.

What We Do:

We are proud to offer a wide range of resources to develop vocabulary:

  • Picture book resources
  • Reading resources
  • Writing resources
  • Video resources
  • Assessment packs
  • Topic support packs
  • Conversational resources
  • Intervention resources
  • Chapter book resources
  • Daily vocabulary activities
  • Vocabulary packs
  • Social, emotional and mental health resources
  • Cognition and learning resources
  • Sensory and physical resources
  • Paperwork templates

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