The Empire(s) Strike Back

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The Big Question!

Who ruled the Ancient World?

Topic Packs


Snapshot Mat Packs and VIP Sheets

pyramids image
Ancient Egypt Snapshot Mat Pack
Greek goddesses screenshot
Ancient Greece Snapshot Mat Pack
Maya Snapshot Mat Pack
Chariot racing screenshot
Romans Snapshot Mat Pack
ancient history vip

Picture Book Resources

Great Kapok
Escape from Pompeii
Escape from Pompeii Text Talk Comprehension
The great kapok tree
The Great Kapok Tree Text Talk Comprehension

Reading Hero Pack Resources

Video Resources

Day of the Dead POWER Pack
Age of Empire Trailer POWER Pack
Pharaoh POWER Pack

Additional Resources

Aztec masks symbols
Ancient Egyptioan monuments


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Suggested High Quality Texts

The Girl of ink and stars
The Chocolate Tree
Orchard book of roman myths
So you think you've got it bad - Egypt
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