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The Big Question!

Should animals be used for entertainment?

Topic Packs

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festivals celebrations

Snapshot Mat Packs and VIP Sheets

Caribbean carnival screenshot
Carnivals Snapshot Mat Pack
Fireworks screenshot
Bonfire Night Snapshot Mat Pack
The Christmas tree screenshot
Christmas Snapshot Mat Pack
The show begins screenshot
Circus Snapshot Mat Pack
circus vip

Picture Book Resources

pivot pack thumb
Peter Spiers circus
You see a circus
You see a circus, I see.... Text Talk Comprehension

Reading Hero Packs

Wild Boy
Rooftoppers RH Pack

Video Resources

Wonder Park POWER Pack
Lazare POWER Pack
Amazing Circus Snails POWER Pack
Christmas Lottery POWER Pack
Day of the Dead POWER Pack
Vocab Boosting Video - Concert
Vocab Boosting Video - At the Fair

Additional Resources

Design a circus scene
Label Circus Features
Day of Dead
bonfire night word cards
bonfire matching cards


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Suggested High Quality Texts

Bellamy Brickles Circus Dream
If I ran the circus
The circus ship
Steve goes to carnival
The Day of the Dead / El Dia de Los Muertos
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