Super Seasons and Weird Weather!

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The Big Question!

Why does the weather change each season? What makes it extreme?

Topic Packs

weather seasons
extreme weather (1)

Snapshot Mat Packs and VIP Sheets

Autumn forest screenshot
Seasons Snapshot Mat Pack
Tumbling walls screenshot
Earthquake Snapshot Mat Pack
Tornado at sea
Extreme Weather Snapshot Mat Pack

Picture Book Resources

Stroll seasons
Little raindrop
Seasons come, seasons go
Tree: Seasons come, Seasons go Text Talk Comprehension
A stroll though the seasons
A stroll through the seasons Text Talk Comprehension
Storm Text Talk Comprehension

Video Resources

1st Spring POWER Pack
How Unexpected POWER Pack
Snowman POWER Pack

Additional Resources

autumn pack
Weather Diary Thumb
Weather Snakes and Ladders thumb
Weather Bingo


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Suggested High Quality Texts

Bringing Rain to Kapiti Plain
Why do leaves fall from trees?
Poems about seasons
The squirrels' busy year
Once upon a raindrop
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