About Beth

Beth Southern is the creator of both EAL HUB and EAL STAR and is an experienced EAL Consultant and a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) for EAL. She has a wealth of in school experience across both primary and secondary, within state sector and private education. Between 2011 – 2013 Beth undertook a range of post graduate qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching Bilingual Learners and a Masters Degree in Language Education, which she passed with distinction.

Beth was Head of EAL at a large inner-city academy in Manchester for 4 years and then a Leading Teacher for EAL at a local council. She has worked with EAL pupils for the last 20 years and has a wide range of experience of working with International Schools around the world. Her training sessions enable teachers and TAs to gain confidence in assessing EAL learners and planning next step support by demonstrating ideas, resources and differentiation which staff can take away and use in school immediately.

Her school reviews are highly regarded as an excellent all round health check of your provision, Beth works in a positive and encouraging way to help schools get on the right track from pre-arrival to assessment, interventions and scaffolded class support.

Now taking bookings for our Conferences 2024!

Due to the huge success of the 1 day events in early 2020  (a number of which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic) Beth will be visiting a number of locations to share amazing ideas for working with EAL Learners from new arrivals to advanced bilinguals. These events are ideal for EAL coordinators, teachers with EAL Learners in their classes, TAs supporting EAL students and SLT. The day will be a mix of information, practical activities, applying things to your own setting and learning from others. The sessions will also share the new EAL platform EAL STAR and offer delegates big discounts for both  EAL STAR and Inclusion Hub memberships 🙂 All sessions will run based on minimum numbers being met so please do spread the events to others in your trust, network or local schools.





Book Here

Bury 19th January 2024 The Village Bury £129 Book Bury
Birmingham 26th January 2024 TBC £129 Book Birmingham
Sheffield 2nd February 2024 TBC £129 Book Sheffield
Bristol 7th February 2024 TBC £129 Book Bristol
London 9th February 2024 TBC £129 Book London
Leicester 12th February 2024 TBC £129 Book Leicester

What We Offer

SLE and consultancy can be offered for a bespoke provision, looking at your school holistically and planning next steps for improving your EAL offering. Beth is very experienced at working with EAL Leads and SLT, offering achievable next step suggestions and ongoing support as required.

We can offer a generic session that covers many of the most popular areas in regards to working with EAL learner or, depending on the needs of the school, the sessions can be adapted to incorporate more specific training on aspects such as:

Areas of support - schools can mix and match dependant on need:

  • New Arrivals and the first steps to integration
    (primary and secondary)
  • The importance of understanding vocabulary and how to boost it in your lessons (primary and secondary)
  • Boosting reading and writing in Advanced Bilinguals (primary and some secondary subjects)
  • Use of images and film with EAL Learners (primary and some
    secondary subjects)
  • Working with parents to develop community cohesion (primary
    and secondary)
  • Effective intervention methods and strategies (primary and
    secondary TAs)
  • A session for TAs working with EAL learners (primary and secondary)
  • Developing the role of the EAL coordinator (consultancy based session)
  • Involving EAL learners in whole class texts (primary and
    secondary English)
  • The use of picture books for developing vocabulary (primary and some secondary subjects)
  • Supporting EAL learners in Maths (secondary maths teachers)
  • Supporting EAL learners in Science (secondary science teachers)
  • SEN or EAL, differences and similarities
  • How to use EAL HUB resources effectively as a whole school (this session is available to subscribers for just £150 as a standalone twilight)

Courses can be booked as

  • 9:00am – 3:00pm

    Full Day
  • 9am – 12:30 or 12:30 – 4:00pm

    Half Day
  • 3:00 – 5:30pm


Shorter versions are also available for INSET sessions or conference sessions. Times can usually be adjusted to suit your school day.

Prices for a single school:


  • £950

    (9am – 3pm)
    Full Day

  • £550

    (9 – 12:30pm or
    12:30 – 4:00pm)
    Half Day

  • £350

    (3:30 – 5:30pm)

  • (Currently no VAT)


  • £800

    (9am – 3pm)
    Full Day

  • £450

    (9 – 12:30pm or
    12:30 – 4:00pm)
    Half Day

  • £300

    (3:30 – 5:30pm)

  • (Currently no VAT)

Cluster School Options

Prices stated above are for single schools.

For two schools clustering the half day price drops to £450 per school and for three or more schools the cost is £400 per school. For Full days the price drops to £800 per school and for three or more schools it is £700 per school.

Email: beth@ealhub.co.uk to book


Beth is also available to work in a 1:1 capacity with Heads of EAL and EAL Coordinators via tailored consultancy, if you are interested then please get in touch with Beth to discuss your needs – beth@ealhub.co.uk

Rates for Consultancy
(stand alone training day – working with Head of EAL or SLT):
  • £500

    Half Day

  • £950

    Full Day

All consultancy sessions provide a post visit review that will be emailed within a week of the visit. Follow up visits can be booked with a 20% discount. Longer term relationships and multiple date bookings can be priced as per BLOCK BOOKING rate above.

Travel outside of North West of England will be chargeable on all types of training/support.